Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Mark Sanchez sexes up 17 year-old?

I fail to understand how it's news that a young NFL quarterback (Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets) who is a good looking kind of guy ended up bedding an attractive, albeit illegal young lady on or around New Year's Eve.

That, though, is exactly the kind of scandal that keeps a site like Deadspin in the news. They, somehow, break what turns out to be rather scandalous sports scandals and the very fact that the nearly 25 year-old Mark Sanchez ended up taking a 17 year-old Eliza Kruger (notice her breaking a law herself by smoking a cigarette in this photo from her Facebook page) back to his home on a golf course in Jersey and throwing for a between-the-sheets touchdown with his jailbait piece of ass for the evening.

But back to why this is news. Athletes are notorious, no matter how clean-cut they appear, for being shady. The athletic landscape is full of scandals -- plenty of which have surfaced recently. Tiger Woods liked himself some porn stars, hookers and generally just liked having sex -- with anyone but his wife. Michael Jordan is alleged to have gambled on NBA games which is supposedly why he retired for just over one NBA season to try his hand at playing baseball. Half of the players in Major League Baseball have allegedly used some sort of steroids. Ben Roethlisberger was suspended for a portion of the NFL season for sexual assualt and we all know that it was actually rape. And who could forget our very own (for two years) Brett Favre who apparently likes texting photos of his good ole' Mississippi dong to former New York Jets massage therapists. So is anyone shocked that a guy who is famous, flush with cash and living a bachelor's life in the greater New York City area would have women, or in this case 17 year-old socialites, throwing themselves at him?

I know I'm not and I doubt that this story breaking nationally will do anything to truly change Sanchez's behavior nor will it do anything to the parents of Eliza Kruger who let their 17 year-old daughter smoke cigarettes and hang out in a club where she'd then be able to nail a professional athlete.

I don't know whose side to take in this story and I'm not sure that either party is anywhere close to innocent. In fact I'm pretty sure both of them is guilty but this will do nothing to tarnish Mark Sanchez's image and I'm sure it will do nothing to change the behavior of Eliza Kruger because something tells me that this isn't the first time either has done something or considered doing something along these lines.

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