Monday, January 17, 2011

We don't actually need 3D movies

Just when Hollywood was seemingly running out of ideas for movies, an idea that seemed to originate in the 1950s came back around and it felt like the perfect time to the movie executives to take a second look at a technology which was a joke, used only in cheesy monster flicks, from the black and white age.

I don't pretend to know shit about 3D movies but I do know that because of their so-called premium experience they also demand a premium price. That's why tickets run about $13.00 for the experience of seeing such quality films as "Grown Ups" and "Jackass 3" in "eye-popping, jaw-dropping 3D!"

It's bullshit. The only films that benefit from being in 3D are scary horror flicks. There's nothing like the added dimension of someone jumping out from behind a bush wielding a machete and slashing someone's throat, spraying blood everywhere being experienced in 3D. That's the only genre that benefits and thusly justifies its added cost.

But in a world where profits ae all that matter, it's only a matter of time before every "Step Up 3D" and "Gulliver's Travels" movie is needlessly shot in 3D. It's a great scam that, even in the leanest times in my generation, people are buying into.

So keep those movie studios running and don't forget to buy a couple tickets to the next Tyler Perry movie... in ass-blasting 3D!


Reuben said...

I think you've totally nailed it. I think there's great potential for 3D movies in the future, so I think developing the technology is a great thing. But I think you're right that most films are just using it as a gimmick to lure people back into theaters - probably because people are just as happy to wait 6 months to watch it at home via Netflix for a fraction of the cost.

Reuben said...
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Jules said...

Ass blasting 3D.. LOL

I wear glasses so I hate 3D movies.. they make you put on these oversized real 3D glasses and they don't fit worth a damn over top of mine. My son hates wearing the 3D glasses and always opts for the normal version of any kid flick that comes out. I saw Step Up 3D and it was really too hard on my eyes to watch all that fast movement that way. Would have been way better in 2D. so I'm with you, Sornie... can't we just go back to 2D as the standard?