Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Should Olivia Munn's Maxim cover be hidden along side Penthouse?

With Fox News jumping on the bandwagon of asking whether or not magazines should be censored, it's pretty obvious that the magazine in question shouldn't be censored. In fact, I think people should have to actually look at the magazine in question before passing judgment.
So there it is. Olivia Munn is, in fact, wearing lacy blue panties that are somewhat transparent but you have to truly be looking to see whether or not Ms. Munn is sporting a landing strip or hardwood floors to notice that her panties are actually transparent to a certain extent. So having a debate over a topic as frivolous as someone's underwear choice is ludicrous. If parents are truly worried about a third-tier magazine that isn't even displayed at checkout stands (you usually have to seek it out in magazine sections) then they need to re-examine their priorities.

For instance, try checking out wha tyour kids are seeing on TV and online. The violence they witness in those two mediums should alarm parents much more than the photo gracing a niche magazine's cover.


Jules said...

Apparently I need a tutorial on pubic hair lingo. What's hardwood floors? I know landing strip.. but not hardwood floors....

Sornie said...

My definition of hardwood floors -- pertaining to pubic hair -- is none at all. It could be removed via razor, waxing or laser but the end result is hardwood floors.