Monday, January 31, 2011

One-namers must have a name ending in a vowel

As I drove to work today, infuriated by stupid drivers whom I wished bad tidings upon, I contemplated the names of famous musicians who go by one name.

I immediately thought of Madonna, Bono, Prince and Kesha. I began noticing a trend. Their names all end in a vowel. Right then, my mind kicked in to high gear as I began trying to think of a musician whose single name would throw a wrench into this theory. I flipped through my presets and heard Rihanna. This was beginning to move from coincidence to trend.

I did some more research to see if this trend could be confirmed as some sort of rule created inside my head. I scoured music logs from a few pop music radio stations. I came across Flo-Rida, Beyonce, Nelly (hey, Ys are sometimes a vowel), Drake and Orianthi.

But then I noticed some other one-name artists who didn't fit the mold. There was Usher, Pink, Akon and Eminem. But even with those four who didn't fit my rule of one-name artists having to end their name with a vowel I have to call the vowel to end a single-name artist to be successful at least a trend. At best, Usher and Akon are flashes in teh pan in the past decade or even less time. Madonna, Bono, Prince and to a lesser extent Rihanna and Beyonce trump any one-name artist whose name ends in a consonant.

So there you have it, this is the kind of crap I think about when I'm left alone with my thoughts.

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