Monday, December 27, 2010

Another Christmas in the books

Christmas, thankfully, has come and gone. This year was the first that my daughter, now just over two years old, began grasping the concept of Christmas. Her realization that there was a bunch of additional presents surrounding the tree on Christmas morning was almost instant. Her plan of attack was to plow through the wrapped boxes and proceed to drag the fully assembled pink and purple big wheels through the other gifts. Apparently this one item was all she really needed but her peekaboo doll was also a hit and kept her entertained as her two sleepy parents napped in the living room. I've never known the daughter to stay so focused on one thing for so long but that doll kept her out of the refrigerator, it kept her out of the upstairs and it kept her from grabbing scissors, tape and knives out of assorted kitchen drawers.

In short, a doll for a few bucks was a small price to pay for a short nap after an exhausting week and an even more exhausting weekend. Were other parents as lucky with their toy choices that they were able to catch a Christmas morning nap? I sure hope so.

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