Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Vikings trade for malcontent Randy Moss

It's official, the Minnesota Vikings traded for former Viking Randy Moss in a deal that sent a third round draft pick to the New England Patriots in exchange for the "I play when I want to" wide receiver.

For the obviously struggling Vikes the trade makes sense. They have been at a loss when it comes to scoring as evidenced by their lackluster 1-2 record. While Moss is a legitimate talent, he's a complete douchebag. He's a spoiled pro athlete along the lines of Isiah Junior J.R. Jeezy Rider, Christian Laettner and every other supposed superstar who has been landed by a professional Minnesota team only to be beyond disappointed by their respective team's unwillingness to beef up the team with supporting players because even these asshole athletes know that winning is not a one-man show.

Sure, Randy Moss had a couple good years with New England but who can forget his antics when he was deemed the cornerstone of the Vikings? Have we forgotten that he ran down a traffic cop in downtown Minneapolis? Have we forgotten that he's a pot smoker who was busted with drugs in his Lexus? Have we forgotten that he has actually walked off the field before the end of the game?

Obviously the Vikings are serious about contending for a Super Bowl championship but is cobbling together a couple of has-beens (Favre and now Moss) and surrounding them with a bunch of talented players who nobody outside of Minnesota could name really the way to move beyond one and done status? Impatience is probably to blame but wouldn't building towards a successful string of winning seasons be more rewarding? Is instant success all that these fairweather Vikings fans care about?

Maybe Moss will turn things around for both himself and the Vikes but I, rightfully, have my doubts about this move.


Bill Roehl said...

Agreed. Total fucking douchebag who will be pissed when Favre isn't throwing 88 yard passes to him each and every fucking time like they did in 2003 when Culpepper didn't run.

poker affiliate resource said...

The Vikings decided before the season that it was Super Bowl or bust, and they have gone to great lengths to trade for a top 5 receiver. They agreed to a deal with Vincent Jackson, but couldnt get the Chargers to lower their ridiculous trade requirements. If Moss and Favre cant get on the same page, this could turn back into one of the elite teams in the NFL.

Bill Roehl said...

Now that's some impressive spam.

Sornie said...

Not just impressive but relevant as well. Nice.