Monday, October 04, 2010

My Twins comeback cover or suck it Yankees

Bob Collins of Minnesota Public Radio's famed News Cut is in search of a good comeback to the less than witty New York Daily News cover stating that due to their washed up, overpaid New York Yankees playing the Minnesota Twins they have an E-Z PASS. As Minnesotans we should probably let it slide because we know that the majority of New Yorkers are nothing short of assholes. They are rude, unpleasant, bitter and even unwashed humans who may or may not hate America. Oh, sure, the Yankees have been called, time and again, America's team but even with them consistently trying to buy a World Series-caliber team they have come up short year after year winning only two championships in the past decade.

But despite a World Series record of a miserable .200 in the past decade they call playing the Minnesota Twins having an E-Z PASS. Who has the better record? Twins. Who has home field advantage for this series? Twins. Who has a better stadium? Twins.

But rather than just spit out some witty comeback, I spent some time creating a visual approach to a comeback. Wishful thinking? Maybe.


Bob Collins said...

That's great. But change Matsui. He left as a free agent after last season.

Sornie said...

Crap. That's what I get for not caring about the Yankees and opting for the largest photo I could find.