Monday, September 13, 2010

What's happening right now?

After basically cutting myself off from society for ten days via some conventiently requested vacation time beginning on Labor Day weekend, I am having a hard time re-integrating myself in to society as a whole. I returned from a few days on Minnesota's North Shore of Lake Superior to return to nothing short of a mess. Bags to unpack, laundry to tend to, a stack of mail to sort, bills to pay and an over-extended financial situation which seems to get progressively worse but I know it seems far worse than it is.

The big payoff after driving nearly 800 miles over the course of four days was catching about half of the MTV VMAs. I always look forward (seriously) to that two hour slice of music on MTV each year because rarely does the average person get to sit down on their couch and see our nation's musicians/artists in their element. The most rewarding was Lady Gaga. I didn;t catch her acceptance of th Video of the Year award from Cher as she asked soemone to hold her meat purse but I did see her accept an award earlier where she apologized for being slow getting to the stage due to the weight of her dress.

I simply assumed that the dress was made of heavy rubber but now it seems that all corners of the internet have been talking about Lady Gaga's meat dress. Maybe my eyes are just that bad that I mistook a meat dress for one made of rubber or maybe her dress was made of beef jerky. That would account for the dark, almost black color I saw but I'd be tempted to eat the damn dress if I were sitting near her. Am I alone is mistaking her dress for being made of something other than meat?

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choochoo said...

meat dress? I was going to get some work done in a minute, but now I'm gonna have to spend some time on google or something :D