Friday, September 17, 2010

How to mess up the morning routine

Mornings in my house are hectic. I'm sure that my level of hecticity are no worse than the hecticity in your home but everyone always views their situation as worse than the situations of others.

It's hectic for two reasons. I have an almost two year-old daughter whose wake-up routine consists of crying when she finally wakes up and is she isn't the center of attention every waking moment the situation escalates. The second reason is that three mornings each week my old lady is already at work when this happens.

While I typically don't allow enough time to get ready for work (showering, dressing, shaving, etc.) my ineptitude is only amplified by the fact that I am trying to juggle the needs of myself and my daughter solo.

Plenty of mornings it involves me plucking the child out of her crib and sitting her on the bed and turning the bedroom TV on to either MTV, VH1 or Disney. Sometimes that trick keeps her entertained enough for me to take a shower and get dressed. Other times she will scream for the entire seven minute duration of my shower.

Under typical circumstances I can get all morning things done in about 35 minutes but today that all fell apart. I couldn't find season-appropriate clothes. Due to the lack of closet space int he original portion of our house, the clothes for upcoming seasons reside in the 1950s addition to our 1899 house. Sure it's inconvenient but it works until I can come up with a grand solution to fix everything.

Between running back and forth in the upstairs hallway and a couple treks up and down the stairs to get juice for the tiny monster and tidy up the mess I had created upstairs I eventually left home about 14 minutes later than usual. Sure, it's hectic but I bet you have a story worse than mine...


choochoo said...
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choochoo said...

Blogger is being weirder than usual today... But it looks like I get to comment now. For some reason it wanted to copy comments from my blog into this comment. Weeee.

Aaanyways... When I babysit for friends, I usually put the kid in front of the aquarium. Or the window (closing the window first, of course). That'll keep'em quiet.