Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What a surprise - Brett Favre has returned

I guess that my earlier thinking about Brett Favre hang gliding in to Airlake airport in Lakeville was about as far off as a guy can get when it comes to guessing games involving NFL athletes. I had pictured Favre dressed in his typical ensemble of Wranglers and a Hanes t-shirt gliding in to the metro area to save the Vikings from a 3-13 season. Instead he landed at the posh and tony Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie mere minutes from the Vikes' practice facility alongside Interstate 494 in the aforementioned suburb.

The media circus surrounding the return of a 40 year-old quarterback who was already under contract for this season is mind-boggling. The Vikings seem to be a desperate team. Why else would they send a contingency of three players to a nothing town in Mississippi (Hattiesburg) to woo the graying QB to the frozen tundra of the Northstar State? And what's with the team's near obsession with quarterbacks who are old enough to be the father of half of the team's players? Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham and now Brett Favre. Have the Vikes ever groomed a QB from a college-aged draft pick to a successful superstar or are they too damn lazy to invest in someone for the long haul?

No, let's go out and woo a fucking redneck diva from Mississippi and put up with his shenanigans of being too good to attend training camp while using an injury as an excuse. And if that fails, make a play for more money because we all know that's exactly what transpired. He's the Michael Jordan of the NFL – the guy will never entirely fade away from the game because he needs the attention. When he does eventually retire, he'll probably buy an NFL team or maybe start his own league so he can own that and play as quarterback because that's just how much he needs attention. And here I was thinking that my almost-two year-old daughter was the neediest person alive when it came to attention.

Now that I have the latest Favre drama off my chest, you can visit MinnPics. Click to find out just how cool it is because I, like a certain quarterback who wears the number 4, yearn for your attention.

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