Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What does a three-minute break yield?

I'm taking a brief break from my recent deluge of design work. To give you some detail on the deluge I have eight two-sided poster-type projects to complete in the next two weeks, I'm waiting on revisions for the quarterly magazine which I am the Art Director and designer for, I have 140-plus pages for two annual publications to complete, a website which needs ads created for mock-up purposes so it's saleable, I am in the process of teaching myself Drupal (Google it) and I'm hungry for some freelance projects whether they be general graphic design work, logo design or photography. Because I never have enough to do, I also am in the 4-6 month long process of contributing to the redesign of eight moderately-viewed websites.

Those reasons are why I'm treating myself to a break.

It's all part of my daily life which also includes MinnPics. Curious? Check it out and prepare to be amazed.

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spleeness said...

Your schedule just gave me an anxiety attack!!