Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Brett Favre isn't retiring

How's that for taking a stance on a subject? When I first saw the retweet of Judd Zulgad (Star-Tribue sports writer) informing the online universe that Brett Favre was retiring, I called bullcrap. It seemed too abrupt. Favre was quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings for one season. Not to get all preachy and optimistic but Favre has something to prove. Sure, he took the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game last season but that isn't the pinnacle of success in the NFL.

Sure, Brett Favre is slowly becoming the Bionic Man with his shoulder surgery last year and his ankle surgery this year but the man's athleticism is nothing to laugh at. He's 41 years old and has taken more beatings than a slave but he still has something to prove. If he can't do it this year, I'm almost certain that it will be his swan song but mark my words -- Brett Favre will be in a Vikings uniform for the 2010 NFL regular season. He may use his ankle as an excuse to not only miss traning camp but dodge the preseason games this year as well but he'll play in the regular season.

We already know that his wife, Deanna, renewed her Lifetime Fitness gym membership so if rumors like that mean anything, Favre will be riding in to Minneapolis on a white horse to rescue the Minnesota Vikings and save them from being a 3-13 team.

If you want to escape both my madness and sports madness, check out the spectacular photos of Minnesota at MinnPics.

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choochoo said...

I'd like to retire. But I should probably work first, or something.