Sunday, August 08, 2010

Anarchy and beat downs

Last week I mentioned my seemingly semi-annual processes of reinvention. Music has always played a big part in that reinvention and this go-round with it is no different. The last mention of music was my almost accidental discovery of "The Pretty Reckless" who are currently on this summer's Warped Tour.

Today's musical inspiration comes to me courtesy of "Against Me!". I first heard a track by them about five years ago on their MySpace page then about two years ago they struck gold with the single "Thrash Unreal" off the disc entitled "New Wave". That CD brought them some mainstream success -- even if it was fleeting. Then this year they released a new disc, "White Crosses".

That's where this single comes from. "I Was a Teenage Anarchist" is a fairly decent song but the video -- shot entirely in slow motion -- tells a fantastic story. What its meaning is is open to interpretation but I take it to mean that the lead singer has no desire to conform (anarchy) and suffers the consequences to his non-conformist attitude. A beating at the hand of a single police officer ensues while throngs of people simply watch.

The video's conclusion shows the beatee smiling as he sits in the back of a police car. Inside he knows that whatever he was punished for was worth it. Bruises heal while injustice takes action to correct.

But that's just my interpretation. What's yours? Drop a note in the comments or just move along to the pretty pictures of Minnesota at MinnPics.

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