Thursday, July 08, 2010

The evolution of Sierra Mist

I remember the first time I had a drink of Sierra Mist. For whatever reason (I suppose it was on sale) my mom arrived home from the grocery store with a two liter of this new soda. Being adventurous, I poured myself a glass of it after a proper amount of time spent chilling in the refrigerator. That first drink sealed the deal for me. I never wanted to drink that bile, tasteless shit ever again. I remember it as sludgy and syrupy. I practically yearned for Pepsi to bring back Crystal Pepsi rather than have my fellow Americans subjected to this form of punishment.

Was this some kind of elaborate joke? Did America really need a third variation of Lemon-Lime soda?

As time went on, this disgusting brand of nasty obvious gained a certain amount of market share, otherwise it would have been pulled from the shelves faster than Surge (remember that one?).

Whatever the case, Sierra Mist still exists but after looking at the logos through the soda's mere ten year history you'd quickly realize that PepsiCo would have been better off sticking with Lemon Lime Slice. Honestly, how do you expect to build brand recognition with a logo revision or outright overhaul every 30 months on average? That only works if your original product and its subsuquent alterations were straight-up shit. That's obviously the case as I'd rather drink water from my workplace's toilet than have another sip of Sierra Mist.

Oh, and if you haven't figured out what I though about the first time I drank Sierra Mist, I didn't like it very much.

Alright, move along and check out MinnPics and the stunning collection of photos from all across Minnesota - it's celebrating its second birthday today!


Mrs Marcos said...

Yuck. Never able to drink that crap (Sierra Mist)...any flavor of "Slice" either. I prefer good old fashioned 7up if I'm going "clear."

"Crystal Pepsi", blast from the past, don't think I ever tried one of those either.

H said...

I don't mind Sierra Mist and actually far prefer it to the new(ish) "all-natural" 7Up, which tasted way better when it was unnatural. I'd still rather have Sprite any day.

Christopher Martin said...

Sierra Mist has redesigned yet again, if you want to update your post...