Monday, May 03, 2010

If I ever had my own band

Sometimes my mind is a cluster of random thoughts. This occurred yesterday as we drove home from my parent's rural Austin, MN farm. Somewhere after Faribault I started blurting out possible band names. I then got even more descriptive and suggested possible musical stylings for these possible bands. The odd part is that my old lady and I fed off of each other. The names got increasingly dirty and profane and the musical stylings got increasingly descriptive. Here's a sampling...

Vag Doctor Collective (You see, it's a band consisting of OB/GYNs)

Double Donkey Punch (Google it)

Skullfuck (this one was long ago shot down by a friend's wife as being far to vulgar to ever be uttered again but still excellent for a bluegrass band)

Thursday Morning Shoeshine

The Greasemonkies

The Dandy Lions (See, it's a play on words but not a good one because I just explained it)

Eiffel Tower (Search it on Urban Dictionary)

Smashing Mailboxes (More damaging that simply smashing pumpkins and it's a federal crime - BONUS!)

Well, you get the picture. I could rattle these off for days but that would get old and it would cut in to the time you could spend drooling over photos from all over Minnesota at MinnPics. Seriously, check the place out.

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