Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finally feeling like an adult again

As I have virtually no time to much of anything except work lately, I have made time for the important things. Such as Saturday night as we sat huddled around our back yard fire pit finally feeling like adults. I made my way through a decent sized portion of my Brau Brothers sampler pack. The brothers, three of them, hail from the small southwestern Minnesota hamlet of Lucan with a population of 220. The beers are all vastly different and like anything, they are hit and miss with my taste buds but the Strawberry Wheat (delicious!) comes highly recommended from yours truly as does the Scotch Ale.

I found my sampler pack at an area Winestyles store but what beer have you discovered this year that made you drool? What am I missing?

And why are you avoiding MinnPics? It's the best selection of the best photos from all around Minnesota so check it out now.

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Jules said...

Strawberry Wheat beer? Hmmm.. gonna have to check that one out. Wish I had something to refer you to, but I can't even drink at all right now. You can start pitying me now.