Monday, April 05, 2010

The obsession with Tiger Woods

In literally minutes, golf legend Tiger Woods is holding a press conference. The questions remains as to whether or not he will actually answer any questions pertaining to his scandalous personal sex life and his vast collection of mistresses ranging from strippers to night club hostesses to porn stars. But Tiger Woods doesn't really need to answer these questions. He's not famous because of his once squeaky-clean private life - he's a famous man because he plays an amazing round of golf.

But Americans have practically obsessed over what has become a four month scandal because it's what the media - in all forms - has been covering. It's been on the national nightly news, it's been the subject of every nightly entertainment show, it's been the top story in all forms of sports coverage and certain cable channels have gone as far as producing hourlong specials about the affairs of Tiger Woods based on information by women of questionable repute who seem all too eager to launch themselves in to fame in any way possible.

In short, all types of media (TV, newspaper, cable news, syndicated entertainment shows, blogs and radio) have taken a relatively unimportant story and made it far more than it should have been. After all, Woods hasn't been travelling around the country speaking to groups about the virtues of being faithful to one's spouse. It would have been far more scandalous if a body double had been playing in place of Woods and winning golf tournaments while Woods claimed credit for the skills of the nameless player.

If Americans had expended one-tenth of the energy on their own lives that far too many spent obsessing or even talking about the escapades of Tiger Woods maybe the divorce rate in this country wouldn't be 50%. Maybe people would care more about their jobs if they weren't focusing so much on the happenings of others. If we gave half a shit about our own lives, the next Tiger Woods-like bombshell wouldn't matter because it doesn't directly effect us. Really, has your life been altered in one damn way because Tiger Woods has a wandering penis? Has your day-to-day routine changed at all because Tiger Woods is a whore hound?

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I'm never looking at MinnPics again.