Monday, April 12, 2010

Do Americans watch too much TV?

It dawned on me yesterday as I turned the TV off. Alright, it REALLY dawned on me after I turned the TV off and my old lady yelled that she wanted it left on. Of course, as this usually does, it escalated in to an argument. My side was that we watch too much TV and there's no point in watching pure crap if we're not watching it for an actual purpose - channel surfing "just because".

Her argument was that "there's nothing else to do". Well, yesterday was sunny and about 70 degrees - not your typical April 11th at 5 PM in the great state of Minnesota.

It made me realize that even though I was the instigator here that we do a shitload of passive TV viewing. Whether it's a "Deadliest Catch" marathon on a Saturday morning of a string of repurposed "48 Hours" episodes on TLC late on a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon (yesterday). And while I was preaching about too much TV yesterday - I, too, use it as a form of relaxation because after a hard day of my mind working to be creative and solve technical problems, the best part of the day sometimes is just shutting my mind off.

So what is there to do? Should you just ass-flop down on your sad, saggy couch and watch whatever the hell is on TV or should you ass-flop down outdoors somewhere and enjoy a beer and let nature (and the incessant barking dogs in the neighborhood) be your entertainment. I, for one, vow to let nature pick up more of the slack - especially with our abnormally early springtime weather.

Oh, and just because something is gone for a week doesn't mean it's gone for good, so before you become a naturalist, check out the quality photos of Minnesota at MinnPics!

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Jules said...

If you wanna watch tv that much, make it into a really good exercise for your ass instead of just ass flopping everywhere. Sit down, stand up, sit down, stand up, repeat 30 times, as fast as you can. Your body will thank your ass!!