Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Don't go on TV to talk about your genital blemishes

A guy in Lakeville is learning that nothing is actually free. The Star-Tribune tells the story in a more in-depth way than most would care to read but if you show up at a TV studio and see an audience when you expected none, you should turn the other way and run.

The guy, Tyler Bowling, seems to want it both ways. He was promised a free, brief laser surgery procedure to remove his pearly penis papules in exchange for his appearance on a medical show on an "all-medical network" that is only watched by "older people and doctors". The medical show, though, turned out to be "The Doctors" which is aired nationally in almost every television market (wow, someone in TV lied, color me surprised). In short, it's far from obscure and niche.

But this guy in Lakeville seems to want it both ways. He agreed rather hastily, after seeing that the show included a studio audience, to have the surgery. No, the surgery wasn't in front of a studio audience but he still agreed to do it. If you think that at least one person watching won't recognize you and start to spread the word, saying "Hey, Tyler's on TV and he's got pearly bumps on his penis!", then you are rather disconnected from the world.

He claims he's suffered immense embarrassment from being on the show and having the segment air during subsequent repeats but he should have also know that TV shows never die. They live on for years - even decades. If you think that a TV show is going to do anything for free, once and done, then you need a lesson in gullibility. Sure, I don't blame the guy for taking up an offer for getting a free medical procedure but the big lesson here is that nothing is free. If you've agreed to be on TV once, they own that footage forever! Don't be stupid. If it's embarrassing enough that you wouldn't tell your friends about it, then don't be a fool and go on national TV and expect less embarrassment.

Now forget about disfigured genitalia and check out the photos of Minnesota at MinnPics. If you don't a kitten dies.

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