Sunday, March 28, 2010

Do you like your job?

As someone I know goes through a huge transition in their job, it made me wonder just how many people truly love their job? How many people spring up each and every morning and are eager to get to their place of business and feel invigorated with each surprise the day throws at them?

On the flip side, how many people reluctantly roll out of bed each morning, grumbling their way to their place of business because they have to? How many people do so because it's a means to an end? They have bills to pay and have simply settled? The job is far from perfect but cash is needed so you do it.

It's the reason I've heard over and over again in the past year or two: "just be happy you have a job". Is that what we've come to as a country? Should we be happy to slog through each day working for a company who uses its underpaid minions to fatten their own wallets while shortchanging those who produce the true results? Maybe those w ho wade through the daily bullshit will also be rewarded one day but having seen both good times and bad I am skeptical at best.

Maybe in the end it all balances out and those whose dreams were crushed, whose talents were overlooked and whose hard work was taken advantage of without proper recognition will prosper. After all, the meek shall inherit the earth, right?

If reading this got you down, check out the far happier MinnPics - it's full of stunning, mind-blowing photos from across Minnesota!


Bill Roehl said...

You might be making it difficult to answer this one since you don't offer an anonymous option.

Jules said...

I like my job, it's pretty damn cool, actually. But I'm not really sure that's what you really wanted to hear! LOL