Friday, February 19, 2010

My old lady's obsessed with curling

In the ten or so years I've known her, I've never seen her get so obsessed with a sport that she neglects her everyday tasks. It's both humorous and sad but I'm impressed by her new devotion to the U.S. Olympic Curling Team. In a mere three days of watching the U.S. Olympic curling team on CNBC for three (or so) hours per day she has picked much of the terminology of the sport. She knows who the team captains are and she is very much a U.S team backer.

Last night, after I arrived home far too late for my own tastes, I found my old lady sitting on the edge of the couch nearly screaming at the TV while the toddler sat in her high chair throwing her supper on the floor. "You suck! How could you miss that? You HAVE to stick it on the button! You can't give up another point to DENMARK!" I thought I had walked in to a very unpopular sports bar but upon further inspection it was most definitely my house and the yelling was that of a rabid curling fan.

But for every rabid fan there's a detractor who just doesn't get the sport of curling. I listen to KFAN for 2 or 3 hours each day and Dan Cole has called curling boring plenty of times but has also admitted to watching men's figure skating because it's on during the primetime Olympic broadcast on NBC. Maybe my household is more of a niche household. Maybe if the networks paid more attention to supposed niche households like mine, curling wouldn't be viewed as boring. It would be a widely understood sport. Curling clubs would outnumber bowling alleys here in the great frozen north known as Minnesota. Maybe instead of viewing my old lady as an obsessed curling fan I'd see her as a normal American because she'd fit right in.

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spleeness said...

This makes me want to watch curling!

Michelle Ann said...

I haven't watched a second of the does nothing for me.

snowelf said...

I gotta give your wife her dues. She's awesome. This happened to me when I was pregnant with my daughter. One day I was a normal could care less about sports chick, the next day, I was full of crazy hormones, leaping from the couch, and screaming at the TV during football. I don't really know what happened, but I've been a football fan ever since.