Friday, February 26, 2010

My musical tastes should be locked up for bad behavior

My latest half-baked idea involved my vast but scary CD collection. Due to having a 15 month old in the house, the generally alphabetized nature of the collection is in a state of complete mayhem but that very mayhem lead me to this somewhat terrible idea.

My CD collection started around 1994. I spent too much money ammassing it and looking back it proves that my musical tastes have a bit of a checkered past (hey, I was young so shove it hipsters). Alright, my musical tastes sucked. But those terrible tastes make this latest idea that much more awesome.

One CD per day chosen at random from the somewhat massive CD shelving unit. The first CD I chose, after announcing my plan to my less than enthused wife (because I suggested that she participate as well) the first CD I chose - with a little help from the daughter - was by the world renowned band "Rednex" with the disc entitled "Sex and Violins". A classic in its own right.

Okay, so it's about as far from classic as anything could get but I look at this idea as making good for all the terrible music choices I've made in the past. It's sort of my musical pennance from the days before my musical tastes were refined and more accepted by fellow humans.

By the way, if you're unfamiliar with the band name "Rednex" but were near a radio in the mid 1990s and heard a song called "Cotton Eyed Joe", that's them. I apologize both for writing this and for buying that particular CD. Now I probably won't make it through my entire collection nor will I write about the boring details of each disc but I'll definitely point out the worst of the worst because it makes me that much more honest and relateable.

Both this blog and MinnPics took yesterday off but expect new photos at MinnPics at some point today because I love showcasing the best of the best in Minnesota photos!


Reuben said...


You, sir, are a glutton for punishment.

snowelf said...

I don't own that, but I do own some equally embarrassing purchased crap which I will not make mention specifically of here in your comments.


Whiskeymarie said...

I can't judge- I bought a Justin Timberlake CD once.

And I was 35.

I can only hope I was drunk when I bought it- maybe that would be a good excuse for your Rednex CD?