Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Lindsey Vonn's ass looks yummy

It's not ever day that a local girl makes the cover of Sports Illustrated but U.S. Olympic ski-team member Lindsey Vonn from right here in the Twin Cities has done just that. And she's garnered plenty of attention -- and controversy -- for looking damn fine in the process.

Now to a casual magazine reader, you'd think that it's just another magazine with an athlete featured on the cover. But with a rather rabid blogosphere eager to analyze every photo of anyone even mildly famous, it was only a matter of time before everyone with far too much time on their hands picked apart the soon-to-be-infamous Lindsey Vonn Sports Illustrated cover photo.

Now being that I'm a red-blooded American guy, I think she looks hot as hell. Being that she is basically a professional athlete, she has an incredibly toned body. She could probably kick my ass and, you know what, I'd let her. For one, it's not cool to beat up on a woman but secondly, she's a knockout and that pose was done intentionally.

Yeah, I know it's a typical skiing pose for downhill skiing but she isn't moving. There's no illusion of motion in that photo. She's just made to look like she's screaming down a snow-covered slope somewhere. And then there's the positioning of her rather taught rear end over the magazine's masthead. That's just another intentional move for a magazine geared at guys.

I could go on and on about the obvious layering of photos - one for the mountainous background, likely one for the setting sun and cloudy sky and a heavily airbrushed Lindsey Vonn. Nobody gets that dolled up to take a run down a ski slope and while I know that this was a photo shoot, the level of digital altering is bordering on ridiculous.

But in the end it's sex that sells. It sells everything and while I wouldn't buy Sports Illustrated just because Lindsey Vonn and her awesome ass graces the cover, millions of other guys would and while I criticize moves like this solely to sell a magazine, my job is much the same so I'll shut up now and do the right thing - drool over the curves and protruding, smackable ass of Lindsey Vonn.

If you feel dirty for reading this, check out the classy photos of Minnesota at MinnPics.

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