Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The incredible shrinking Danish nuts

The testicle size, along with other trends such as decreased sperm count, has been on the decline for males born in Denmark - especially when compared with residents of nearby Finland. While this is troubling from a sexual and health standpoint, it's even more an issue of pride.

For women reading this, don't jump to the conclusion that every guy you pass on the street has unbuttoned his pants in the office restroom and, for lack of a better phrase, compared notes with his male co-workers. Sure, at least some guys have pulled out their package and unabashedly compared cock size with their counterparts but those who do aren't focusing on the health side of the comparison and what is happening to those poor Danish folks - the decreasing size of the nuts, balls, dangly bits or testicles.

Chalk it up to exposure to a witch's brew of chemicals in the environment during the first trimester while in the womb. Scientists have seen it by way of feminization of fish from many of the same chemicals so it makes sense that, to a certain extent, it's happening to humans as well. Now having smaller testicles (nuts from here on out) does not make for a lesser man - though I did hear an argument from a male friend standing naked from the waist down at the kitchen table during a New Year's Eve party nearly a decade back that his huge nuts made up for what he was obviously lacking in the penis department - but smallish nuts do not make a difference in the grand scheme of things. Unless the smaller size relates to a decrease in testosterone production.

That, unfortunately, is one of the problems being reported with all of that scientific research surrounding the nuts of the Danes. Could our overuse of chemicals lead to a world of borderline sterile males? Hey, anything's possible and this is an especially important topic to me because I'm only the second generation of my family born here in the good ole U.S. of A. Yep, my grandpa immigrated here from, you guessed it, Denmark. Now I'm sure that times have changed because he fathered 11 children and, based on the translated letter between a relative here in Minnesota to a brother of his in Denmark written in 1945 which I received via e-mail yesterday, that number (with only 5 or 6 kids born at that time) even in 1945 was incredible.

By virtue of my own lineage I shouldn't have much to worry about but with evolution what it is we could face a world (someday) filled with women. So maybe the future will be one where lesbian relationships are more the norm than the exception. After all, too much of a swing away from a near balance of genders would lead to either many more same-sex relationships (in this case lesbian) or polygamy becoming not only accepted but necessary for our species to continue our dominance on Earth.

Now that I've spouted off about my lack of scientific knowledge, go check out something I may actually know about - photography. The photos from all over Minnesota at MinnPics want you to look at them, they cry if you don't give them attention!

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