Tuesday, January 05, 2010

2010 goals - part 2

Each year, just as the year begins all full of promise and hope, people feel the need to make New Year's resolutions that will only be dashed in mere days instantly bringing the stench of disappointment and failure just days after that relatively clean slate. I admit that I've done the whole New Year's resolution bit before. Just last year I resolved to exercise daily - even if it involves as few as fifty sit-ups. While it wasn't a complete failure - and it got me back in to jogging during the summer months a few times each week - I didn't exactly end the year with washboard abs but it did make me much more aware of the fact that even brief vigorous exercise can shake off the day's worries and make you feel new again.

So this year I have become more realistic in my goals and resolutions for the new year.

Again, I'm vowing to exercise more regularly. It's far cheaper to exercise than to buy new jeans after packing on a couple additional inches. It makes sense due to the fact that I have the running shoes (barely used) sitting in the closet and that our bikes barely made it out of the storage shed last year. Sure, the whole lack of biking was due to a very young youngster but she's getting bigger and is practically begging to get her sticky little hands on one of those fancy bike trailers so she can get pulled around town. Of course the fancy bike trailer will be more bike trailer than fancy. Let's keep things in perspective - dad doesn't crap gold bricks.

My second goal is to work more on improving the exterior appearance of our now-111 year-old house. The porch is a thorn in my side as I hate the shitty old windows and its somewhat settled foundation giving it an unsightly slope. It's not the most noticeable to passers-by but I know it's there and it's very obvious given that the windows on its ends barely open due to the slope it's taken on over the years. Something tells me that the foundation simply sits on the ground lacking footings. All told, it's probably better (but more labor intensive & somewhat more costly) to tear the sumbich completely off and start from scratch. My parents have graciously donated the bulk of the lumber I'll need which leaves me with concrete, shingles, rubber roof membrane, a door, insulation and 15 windows. The windows are what will financially rape us. That's approaching $2,000 with that alone. Ouch. But if all works out today for my old lady (keep your fingers crossed) we'll continue to be a two income household and that will go a long way.

The third goal is to replace my shitty plastic gutters. Those snap-together jokes need to go away. They are uneven, not fully connected and half full of rook gravel and maple seeds. I will giggle like a little girl if this goal reaches completion.

My fourth and final goal is to build the popularity of MinnPics. The photos I choose to post there receive a fair amount of attention but some have basically heaped praise on the blog. It's intensely Minnesota and if you love the state you live in it's a logical fit to check in your daily routine.


Reuben said...

Have you thought about leaving the porch open? ...without the windows? Our porch is in similar condition (+ some rotting). I'm pretty sure if I ever get around to rebuilding, I'd probably leave it open.

spleeness said...

I hate our windows too. I can't even open half of them. Keep us updated on progress! The wish list with a house is long....

Sornie said...

I had thought of leaving it open but love the fact that as it is it provides insulation for our living room and if done properly could add a true 3-seasons room where the kid can eventually play and I can get some indoors peace.