Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Christmas Eve McMeal

Hot damn, I made it through Christmas. Actually it was Christmas Eve that had more stress to it than the rest of the weekend put together. After a crazy dream concerning current happenings at my job in the early morning hours of Christmas Eve that left me mainly sleepless for my half-day of work, I knew that Christmas Eve would be the toughest day of the long weekend.

Factor in that the day began with having to shovel my 120 foot-long driveway so I could get to my office and it was beginning to slide down. Toss in having to scoop out what the snow plow left at the end of my driveway, shuffling vehicles in and out of the garage and a 50 minute commute and that day just kept getting better.

Once at work it was almost relaxing. A mostly-empty office and some note-comparing about Christmas plans and the two hours actually flew by as I tied up loose ends while my old lady and the toddler wrapped up some grocery shopping around the south metro and I waited for them to return to pick me up.

The biggest highlight was the toddler's very first McDonald's Happy Meal. She, of course, was giggly as hell which got her plenty of attention with one McWorker asking if that was her Christmas smile. I replied that it was simply her everyday smile and her Christmas smile would freeze people's faces it's so cute. Yep, the little lady thoroughly enjoyed her very first cheeseburger and I hope that this doesn't become a regular occurrence because I don't want to be the parent to some fat, lazy McKid.

On the flip side, I just spent quite a chunk of time updating MinnPics with photos of Minnesota's Christmas "blizzard" so go check 'em out.

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