Monday, November 09, 2009

Who used the restroom before me?

"Wow it smells in here. I must be in the wrong restroom."

As I opened the door, I peeked around it expecting to see a graphical depiction of an elephant with the phrase "ELEPHANT" below it. Nope, it says "MEN". I'm apparently in the correct place.

"This just isn't right. There are two cans of Oust air sanitizer here, there's no reason for it to smell this terrible. It's a hate crime for any place inhabited by civilized humans to smell this bad. Did someone tape a dead fish under the counter?"

I decided to crouch down and verify the potential rotting seafood scenario. It didn't pan out.

"My skin is beginning to itch. This has to be some sort of insidious chemical attack. What kind of bastard would carry out a chemical attack on a restroom in a suburban office building?"

I investigated as much as one can investigate a 7 foot square room and found nothing out of the ordinary that would even lead one to believe that a chemical attack was underway.

"Someone must have upper-deckered in here."

Afraid to pop the cover off of the toilet tank, I hurriedly went about my business and wondered to myself, "who used the restroom before me?"

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Spleeness said...

Haha! I'm afraid to ask what "upper deckered" means, but I think I've got the idea....

Jules said...

no no... I need to know what upper deckered means... just have to know..

Sornie said...

I vote for and one vote against knowing what upper deckered means.

We all know what will happen.

To upper decker is to poop in the toilet tank. It has no where to go and the smell will eventually become overwhelming. A friend of mine did this at an older Walmart a few years ago.

SEO Hyderabad India said...

upper deckered!! wat's that

Jeff said...

Dude... I thought my poop posts made people squeamish. I think you've topped me here my friend. Or at least upper-decked me. ;-)