Monday, November 30, 2009

Chelsea Clinton engaged

This has little to do with Chelsea Clinton being engaged and more to do with the photo slideshow accompanying the story.

You can see in the slideshow how much Ms. Clinton's appearance has changed over the years. I remember her as the somewhat geeky looking kid in the White House from the early-90s. Then I saw some photos of her last year. She ain't half bad.

Then I saw this photo.

Apparently it was a bit cold this day as Clinton's obvious nipples seem to say. Not being a woman, I have no idea what it's like to have the old turkey timers pop up. I'd assume that wearing a padded bra would remedy the situation and prevent future nipple protrusions like this. So, gone is my memory of Chelsea Clinton as the awkward teen in the White House. It has been replaced by a rather attractive version of Chelsea Clinton complete with perked-up nipples.

That is the evolution of my mind.

If you want photos not of the nipple sort, check out MinnPics. It's the classy side of yours truly.

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