Monday, November 16, 2009

Belts of America

For many decades, portions of America have been identified by various "belts". These are large geographic areas of the country which share similar characteristics relating to geography, climate, inhabitants and a whole host of other items.

The accompanying graphic is by no means a comprehensive rundown of but I've done my research. Feel free to add other "belt" suggestions in the comments.
Then head to MinnPics later to see the freshest in Minnesota photography.
(11:10 AM: The newly updated map indicates newly discovered information that it is possible to be a perverted hillbilly who dabbles in/enjoys incestuous relationships)


Anonymous said...

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Jacki said...

Man, we have all been spammed recently. It irritates me.

As far as the map....that is hilarious! And very true.

Anonymous said...

you should add a mormon belt in the west