Monday, October 12, 2009

Were your neighbors just having sex?

Let's face it, without sex we wouldn't be walking the Earth, going about our live or reading such fantastic blogs as this. So in this ultra-connected, ultra-shared web-centric world we live in it was only a matter of time until someone started a website that let users share their erotic encounters on a worldwide map. That's probably why I Just Made Love (h/t) was born.

It's handy to me so I can tell if the next door neighbors were screaming due to an argument or flat-out, wall-rattling, glass shattering, crazy sex. It's the newest way to be an anonymous voyeur and while it's not for everyone, I think it's worth a few moments of your time to clock and scroll around and read the quick notes about user's sexual encounters.

And on another, semi-related note, today is Columbus Day so banks are closed. Seriously, quit Googling for an answer. Banks are closed - it's a government holiday but some would argue that with the way our government works that every day must be a government holiday.

Now go do something woth your life that you'll be proud of - check out MinnPics. It's freshly updated a complete with photographic evidence of our ultra-early Twin Cities snowfall.

1 comment:

Mrs Marcos said...

I wonder what the etiquette is regarding length of time post coitus before running to post details of the relations?

Actually, I'm not too sure I want those kind of details from my neighbors. I don't care to see most of them fully clothed let alone imagine what is happening in their bedroom.