Thursday, October 15, 2009

Meghan McCain shows boobs, internet freaks out

Sometimes accidents happen. We aren't always aware of how we look in a self-portrait. Women are especially victims of this. Whether it be a nipple-slip or cleavage up to their necks as is the case with Meghan McCain, there is nobody to blam but yourself. Or is there.

Let's throw aside political affiliations for a moment. Sure, Meghan McCain is the daughter of one John McCain. She is also an active Republican. Those two things put her at least somewhat in the public eye and as we know in the celebrity-obsessed world where papparazzi stalk the likes of Jon and Kate Gosselin, even the boobs of a Republican are fair game for criticism.

Meghan McCain cleavage and boobs busting out of tank top
But I don't think so. Meghan McCain is more than entitled to have a personal life. She has the right, by way of our freedom of speech, to post whatever the hell she wants on her Twitter account. McCain, however, has to walk that fine line. Republicans, by name alone, are supposed to be the party of virtues, dignity and sort of the poster children for upstanding citizens. So posting a photo where your huge, delectable, juicy boobs are trying to escape from your tank top does start to erode your entire party's stance against displaying any amount of sexuality.

The difference, again, is that the comments - some bordering on hate speech - are uncalled for. Meghan McCain apologized for her gaffe. She was just simply trying to show how tame her weeknights are as she curled up with an Andy Warhol book and snuggled with her lady lumps. Nobody deserves the kind of verbal attacks spineless and anonymous people lobbed at her via Twitter. Hey, at least she owned up to her curvaceous mistake and has deleted the photo in question from her TwitPic account but something like this never actually vanishes. So, what would you have done? Would you take pride in an accidental boob photo like her's?

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Reuben said...

Not accidental. She just didn't realize it would create all the hubbub it did.

(actually, this is the first I've heard of it....)

Pesky said...

Well, it certainly appears she bought them fair and square, so pride of ownership is appropriate. She can wear them any way she wants, anywhere she wants. Our puritanical cultural aversion to nudity has always seemed pointless to me in any case, so I think she should never have apologized in the first place.

James said...

Meghan always trips me out. Who was it that said she looked like a plus-size model? It was intended as an insult, but I don't think it is. I don't care what her pants size is...that girl is hot enough to be a model.

Sornie said...

Not that it makes a damn bit of difference but is she rocking hair extensions?

Jacki said...

I seriously believe that there are people out there that just are not happy unless they are complaining about something. I don't care what she posts on her Twitter account. I can still sleep soundly at night.

hyderabadblogger said...

need that buzz!!