Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Describing myself in five (hundred) words

We've all been there - that job interview where the interviewer says "Describe yourself in five words for me." You then proceed to rattle off the standard answers - diligent, hard-working, motivated, blah, blah, blah...

The problem with that standard job interview question is that most everyone uses the same five answers. Nobody ever answers with "sporadic" or "scatterbrained". That's why people in the hiring position at companies rarely get the best employee for the position. I have to admit that I'd rather be allowed to basically hang myself during in an interview without being limited to a handful of words. Instead of five words, why not five-hundred? What would you say about yourself in five-hundred words? Here's what I'd say in a bit more than five words.

I'm not using the standard answers you're used to hearing but I am a hard worker. I don't need anybody telling me what needs to be done because, unlike some people, I can see what needs my attention and I take care of those tasks while I prioritize the other necessary tasks. My desk will always look like a typhoon just made landfall but it's how I work. I'm the guy that steps up his game in a crunch. When there's a pile of work sitting there and there doesn't seem to be nearly enough time to get it all done, I'm the one the gets it done. Sure, I might not be the most pleasant person to be around during those few hours but in the end the work gets done and it looks great and the clients are happy. I always have their best interests in mind even if they don't seem to care about their image. I, and I know this sounds like a cliche, can easily be accused of caring too much. Most times, that first concept is the best and great ideas don't always need endless tweaks and adjustments and especially additions. I can convey a message without having to write a story. The best messages often times leave the potential customer asking a few questions and the client is just the person to answer tham and that leads to sales. It's the ultimate goal in advertising - to move your product - whatever it is and my work leads to positive results while putting your business' best image possible in front of potential customers.

As far as my temperament, I treat people exactly how they treat me. If you have a gruff attitude or lack common sense or decency, you'll get that right back. I don't roll over and I take a stand for what is best. Treat me well and you'll get that in return. Believe in what I'm doing but know that even the best ideas sometimes fall flat on their face. Work with me and the ideas, concepts and results will impress you.

Now that I've done my fake job interview, feel free to take it and run with it on your own time. Share the results and we'll at least all come out of this having a vague idea of what each other does.

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