Monday, September 28, 2009

Phlegm and energy drinks

It is unbelievable what interrupted sleep does to a guy. Granted, I wasn't awake for 90 minutes like my old lady was but even the 30 minutes in which I was awake and the 30 minutes early I had to wake up takes it toll.

It all started Saturday night. The baby was coughing alot. She even managed to turn it in to a game. With each cough, regardless of its intensity, she'd physically remove her pacifier and throw it. This was because it happened without her help one time that she coughed but I congratulated her on making a cough at least entertaining for herself. She eventually hacked up a puddle of phlegm. Thankfully we have hardwood floors in her bedroom.

But last night her coughing was a bit more consistent. Her tiny coughs shook her body. Her face turned red and she cried... alot. The only difference was that, before putting her to bed, she hadn't hacked up any phlegm. We took this as a good sign.

And it was a good sign until I was awakened at 3:55 AM by my old lady asking if I planned on doing anything. That is when she informed me that she had already been up for an hour and that the baby was sitting up in the corner of her crib crying and hacking. I slowly stumbled out of bed and picked up the little ball of rage and made my way down stairs to make her a bottle to at least soothe her somewhat.

Upon returning upstairs and her successfully hacking up a tiny pool of phlegm, I noticed something in her hair just above her ear. It was phlegm. Yes, the baby had managed, during her hacking, to launch some lung snot into her brown hair.

So, after all that, and her sleeping in our bed last night, here I am. Sleep deprived, unfocused and with a slight headache. I dread returning home after work because I know that my old lady will be crabby. And I know that plenty of other parents have much worse ordeals with their children but this is out of the ordinary. The baby is almost perfect. She always sleeps all night and is rarely a hand full. She's even rather drink from a galss like an adult.

But to get through the day, I have a 16 oz. can of Plasma Fusion Energy drink waiting in the refrigerator for me. It's from a company based just up the road (or down the road, or across town) in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. And it has real cane sugar in it. I'm thinking that it's worthy of its own review this week.

If I make it through the day, expect updated photographic goodness at MinnPics.


Sandy said...

How is the baby now. I feel the whole day goes waste if we dont sleep well. We have this festival goin on in India named Navratri. It is celebrated for 9 days, night i must say for the celebration start after midnight and lasts till wee hours of morning. so every morning we feel tired and drained out.

spleeness said...

I can't function without sleep too. And it sounds like your little one is really dealing with a pretty serious cough. I don't know what to do to make her more comfortable, I'm guessing you're thinking about visiting a doc if you haven't already? I guess this is why they say it takes a village... so that someone in the village can take over to let you & the missus get some much-needed rest.