Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Online dating: last resort or new norm?

Let me preface this by saying that I've never used online dating nor am I currently considering using online dating - mainly because I'm married and I'm assuming that my old lady wouldn't exactly be cool with me re-entering the dating field. My sister-in-law, though, has taken the plunge in to the online dating universe.

She is a few years older than I am and she's never really had a problem finding guys to date. She has, however, had a problem getting them to stick around. She wants something long-term and they want to hit it and quit it. I've seen the TV ads for and the people they feature, actors or not, seem to have landed happy relationships that culminated in marriage. So is online dating considered to be the new norm or is it a last resort for the truly desperate?

People's lives are busier than ever and they spend their free time in ways far different than in the past. No longer do people head to an ice cream social to meet their neighbors. I don't exactly see sock hops where people in the early twenties meet and go to the local diner to share a malt.

Nope. Today, people who make up the dating population are a house parties, bars, clubs or wirking a second or third job. Their lives are total chaos and not too many people I know were ready to get hitched at 19 years old to their high school sweetheart or the girl next door. They were in college or busy getting stoned in the basement or garage. The last thing on their minds was finding "the one".

I have to ask if anyone you know who uses online dating is open about their experiences. Have they come right out and said that they met the person they are with via an online dating service? Or is there a stigma that equates "resorting" to online dating to being a recluse or loser who couldn't find a date if they lived forever? If you're single, would you go the online dating route or are you more inclined to roll the dice and see who you bump in to in the produce aisle?

MinnPics isn't going to help you find a date but the cool photos could find you some popular locations where singles may linger.


Sloped said...

I'm all for it. It's becoming pretty common and though I tried it and had little success, I know a lot of people that have had success. It's becoming the new norm, it's no better or worse than meeting people in bars or the supermarket, it's just different.

Beth said...

Have had many, many people suggest I do the on-line dating thing. I figure if the mere thought of filling out one of those questionnaires puts me off, I’m definitely not ready to go that route. And, hey, I’ve met a few nice men at the grocery store – at least I know what they truly look like! ;)

snowelf said...

I've tried on-line dating, but honestly, I've met most of my internet friends through my blog. It's lead to some pretty amazing relationships and some pretty meaningful ones too. If I was more in a dating place, I would on-line date. I feel like that's where the normal nice people who don't think it's cool to do beer pong actually meet.


Jacki said...

My sister tried and another one, and she didn't have much success. But I have several friends who met online and are now happily married.

I don't think it is weird at all, to meet someone online. It expands your dating pool. :-)

Mrs Marcos said...

I met the Mr Marcos online way back in 2000, we married in 2003 and so far neither of us has exhibited any homicidal behaviors. (Although if he posts on here that one of us does, in fact, exhibit manic homicidal tendencies approximately every 28 days...well, he will have made a liar out of me and he will be missed)

Jules said...

I met Si through blogland, and while that's not a dating site, it is the internet. I'm pretty sure it's become the norm, Sornie, that is meeting online somehow. Even for those in their midlives. It's not defined by sex, age, race, religion, etc. either, which is what I think helps to make it so popular.

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Anonymous said...

I used online dating for two years on/off as most of my friends have kids so we don't go out as much so I didn't have much chance to meet men the normal way. It was horrific! Tonnes of sleazy messages and creepy guys. I did meet a few men but these just resulted in the worse dating experiences I've had, ranging from comical to confidence destroying (I had months of drama caused for me due to one of the guys dumping me because I had only slept with one person). Never again!