Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Her vagina is a clown car

I don't see the appeal of the genre of "reality" show that litters TLC. You know, the genre of enormous families who have their own TV show just because they have a huge family. The Duggar family, whose patriarch is appropriately named Jim Bob, are the face of this eerie new "reality" genre.

The family, who currently has 18 children, announced today that they are again expecting - bringing the tally to a whopping 19 children. That is quite the feat for a woman who is a mere 42 years old. It is also disturbing as hell. Hey, America is a free country and if you want to pop out enough kids to field two entire baseball teams, go for it. And if you want to finally profit from your freakishly large family, so be it.

My problem lies in how we, as Americans, gobble this shit up. How does something like this qualify as being worthy of a few minutes of time on NBC's Today Show? Are we so vapid and mindless that we are enthralled by this? Does it qualify as news? Who watches this show on TLC?

I've never met anyone in my admittedly small world who has ever watched this show (outside of myself). Is it a compelling program or is it just a camera crew following the circus-sized family and interviewing them in typical "reality" show fashion?

For the time being, MinnPics has taken a break from Minnesota and focuses instead on Los Angeles and the inferno that rages just outside the city. Photos of Minnesota return later today. Check it all out!


snowelf said...

My grandfather is one of 11 children and his family was never on the news.
I mean I know they really didn't have TV back then and all...but still... ;)


buffalodick said...

That clown car analogy was dead nuts on! I outright laughed, and giggled for another minute!

Beth said...

OMG...I took ONE look at the title of this post and knew EXACTLY who you were talking about.!!! That baby will FALL O0UT of that cooter...literally fall out onto the floor.

Rick said...

Hmm... Viewing this from Japan, I can't be certain, but won't Obama have some kind of fertility panel in place soon to prevent this kind of thing happening in the future? Or would this fall under the purview of the death panels?

[Actually, I only saw the words "clown" and "vagina" and initially assumed the post was about some woman from Alaska...]

Jacki said...

I am all for families having as many or as few children as they want to. I am quite happy with my one girl, but some people love children and want a lot.

But like you, I do not understand why this means they need a TV show, or why each pregnancy ends up being on the news. I don't get it.

Maybe every month I should call the Today show and say "Hey, just wanted to let you know I am not pregnant." Because, quite frankly, for me that is exciting news.