Thursday, September 10, 2009

The best thing I saw at the fair

Monday was our official "Let's attend the Minnesota State Fair day". In doing so, we walked a lot, saw all kinds of goats which the baby simply loved and saw plenty of people whom I am convinced only venture outside for the fair. There's plenty to do for free, as people pointed out in my last post, for those living on a strict budget. We checked out the fine arts building and the horticulture building where I saw some huge melons - and pumpkins.

I took a break on a bench with the baby. We splurged on a buy one, get one dinner special at the OES Diner and we sat for a few minutes to watch Dan Cole and his Noon-3 PM show at KFAN.

However, the real scenery, as it usually does, comes out later in the day. As my old lady waffled back and forth about what treat to buy, I stood patiently in front of the Sweet Martha's Cookies building (her eventual purchase was ac one of cookies). That's when I saw a relatively attractive young lady walk by. It was hard not to notice her as she was wearing a bright yellow semi-transparent t-shirt. Then I started chuckling. This young woman, you see, couldn't be troubled to find the correct size of t-shirt as she had enormous breasts.

Her breasts were easily the size of watermelons. I'll venture a guess and say that they were approximately EE cups (if that's even a size). Her t-shirt was probably a medium size and her bra - clearly visible through her thin, yellow t-shirt, was a C cup at best.

This pairing presented quite the visual. The too-small bra was forcing her jello-like EE breasts into two pairs of C-cup boobs. This young lady was rocking not just two breasts but four. Yes, in all of her thin yellow t-shirt glory, this well-endowed young lady (desperately in need of a bra fitting) was the proud owner of four breasts. If only I had my camera out at that precise moment.

I did have my camera at the ready for other Minnesota State Fair moments and MinnPics is just the place they're likely to pop up. Check MinnPics this week for something decidedly Minnesota... eventually.

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snowelf said...

Oh the sights you'll see....

I'm sure a lot of guys would like to get those on a stick. hehehe