Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vikings land Favre as QB

As of about 10 AM today, it was announced that the beleagured Minnesota Vikings would sign Brett Favre. Yes, that Brett Favre. The one who just two years ago played for border rival Green Bay packers.

My initial reaction is that the Vikings finally signed someone with a big name. Then my second reaction is that the Vikies have a history of signing old quarterbacks. Favre is 39 years old and he proved last year with the New York Jets that he's nothing special and seems to be close to the end of his career. On the third hand he could bring some much-needed mentoring to the other three quarterbacks the team has who will now sit on the bench.

Oh, well. At least theis brings a bit of a media circus ot the Twin Cities for the second straight week. The only downfall is that this good 'ole boy from Mississippi will unfortunately be the face of the team for the time being.

MinnPics needs your attention. The photos know you want to look at them so why hold back?


James said...

Boy, he looks like Uncle Jesse from Dukes of Hazzard too! I'm sorry, Vikings fans. Brett Favre was one of the greats of the game...before he became a rent-a-quarterback.

At least you don't have Brandon Marshall, Kyle Orton, and this new maybe-incompetent head coach we got down in Denver!

Terrence said...

I hope he has enough to pull out a final Super Bowl like John Elway...

Minnesota Vikings Picks said...

Favre got his wish, skipping training camp and making barrels full of money to get back on the field to compete. If someone is willing to pay you 12 million to do anything, why wouldn't you do it?