Monday, August 17, 2009

Should I be nervous about the wedding?

My wedding photography (and portrait photography for that matter) skills will be further honed this weekend. Saturday morning I, along with my assistant/co-photographer/wife will drive to a wedding and serve as the couple's photographers (this is our second go-round with an event like this). So far, I am rather relaxed about the whole situation. My wife, being more in-tune with customers in general and having a better memory has done the talking and nailed down the details. My biggest fear, aside from what I consider a lack of portrait photography skills, is inclement weather. Nobody wants it to rain on their wedding day but this is especially true because this particular wedding is an outdoor wedding.

In a perfect world I'd have some more gear to work with. Maybe a fast, fixed focal length lens and some extra lighting equipment just in case. But with the great outdoors, where I actually prefer to work, the light is free and I just have to work with it and use it to my advantage.

To be fair to all involved, we are cutting the couple one helluva deal but I consider this a skill building session. That's not to say that I won't give 110% because barring a case of SARS on Saturday, I'll be there ready to go and plan on taking plenty of time this week - a bit of a crash course - to further hone my portrait skills. The setting for the wedding is on a beach so that just opens up more opportunities. All I need to remember to do is to charge my battery packs. Maybe this will open up a new career path for me. I love what I already do in the field of photography so why not further explore it? And what should the photographer wear to an outdoor summer wedding? Any ideas?

Will some of this coming weekend's photos make the cut at MinnPics? You'll have to wait and see.

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buffalodick said...

Good for you.. good attitude about the trade off of money for learning, and getting your name out there..