Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's "Aspray" not AssSpray

Sometimes a product is so ridiculous, it deserves attention just for its ridiculousness. Doc Bottom's Aspray is one of those products. The name itself is something a 42 year old guy thought up while either drunk with friends at a nasty strip club or by an 18 year old huffing paint in his basement with some loser friends. I'm actually surprised that I hadn't yet thought of the name "Doc Bottom" because my mind resides squarely in that particular area. I may have already thought of the idea of ass and "private parts" (balls/taint) deodorant because, well, when there's a problem I'm always looking for a solution.

Oh well, I think I'll stick to my Right Guard.. for now.

And I'll keep things classy with MinnPics. Killer photos from every corner of Minnesota every damn day.

1 comment:

spleeness said...

I didn't even see your title, just the product, and now it is forever emblazoned in my mind as "Ass Spray." A dude can't be named "Doc Bottoms" and not expect that!