Thursday, August 06, 2009

Is temporary insanity a welcome relief?

How many times have you come dangerously close to "losing it"? Think about it for a moment. Now think how many times you've considered spitting in someone's face, smearing your feces on the vehicle whose driver pissed you off to such an extent that you considered calling the cops on them or just wanted to unleash a string of profanities on someone you deem "too dumb to exist"?

The stresses of daily life can be great but smearing poo on a parked vehicle will usually get you arrested - or at least garner some strange looks. But, if you claim that you are (or legitimately are) crazy, you've got an easy out. Temporary insanity is a total cop out. People have used it as an excuse for murder and gone right back (basically) to their daily lives. But what can the average, pissed off citizen do to use temporary insanity to their advantage?

The best way is to use your own temporary insanity is to actually save you sanity. It all comes full circle to the level of stress you carry. Truly "losing it" will have some stiff legal ramifications but "snapping" and writing it off as temporary insanity could actually get you condolences. I'm not advocating the burning down of someone's house because their dog is barking but you have to find a release for the anger. You could punch a wall but that cold hurt your fist because every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If the neighbor's dog is barking and won't shut the hell up, get in your car and drive to a desolate rural area and scream as loudly as you can. Kick gravel and hit something with a board or lead pipe. Don't inflict harm on someone else's property but get it out before you end up walking in to a gym in Pittsburg and shooting people at random.

I've gone to such extremes as hurling a barrel used as a garbage can at a post. Once my frustration was out, I put the barrel back in its place and, as my friends laughed until tears streamed down their faces, moved on with my life. I've also taken a large hammer to a pile of rocks and swung furiously as I smashed those rocks with shards of them flying in all directions. The end result was smaller bits of rocks and less stress on my part. It ended better than ramming my cart into a Walmart employee.

How do you go about dealing with your stress? Do you have temporary insanity moments or rage blackouts?

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Pesky said...

Rage just breeds more rage. "Getting it out" is just an excuse for childish tantrums.

Stephanie Faris said...

Cooler heads prevail. I talk to anyone and everyone who will listen, which is probably a bad thing. Exercise helps work off some of that energy. And chocolate ALWAYS helps!

Mrs Marcos said...

I anonymously mail zucchini to my foes.

spleeness said...

I think I'd like to hire you to hit rocks. That sounds way better than my current method of raging into a notebook!

Jules said...

Am I strange for never thinking of smearing feces on a neighbouring vehicle?

I almost lose control about once a week. These are the days I either sleep more (if I'm sleeping I can't be yelling), garden, or treadmill. Lately I haven't been all that stressed, so I'm getting fatter! LOL