Friday, August 21, 2009

Is the internet just a fad?

Just because something has had popularity with the masses for a decade doesn't mean that it's here to stay. Sure, the internet has drastically changed our lives. The fact that you can check your bank account with the click of the mouse is a huge time-saver and paying your bills the same way is just as amazing. But think of what the internet has taken away from us.

When's the last time you waited in a line at the post office? See, that's the internet's fault. Those long, snaking lines are the sort of thing that builds character. No longer are we subjected to the gruff demeanor of those behind the counter at the post office. And what has become of the weapons business? Think back to a time when "going postal" made the nightly news. Where has our friend, the random post office shooting, gone? These things are just the tip of the iceberg.

Have you heard of Facebook? Yeah, me either. Apparently it's this thing on the interwebs that lets people connect with the profiles of current and long-lost friends. But isn't that what your 10-year high school reunion is for? I truly miss each and every one of the 327+ classmates from my graduating class and am looking forward to my ten year reuni... wait a minute, that reunion would have been two years ago. What the hell? Oops. But wait, our class, as oh-so tight knit as they were (sure...) never even made an effort to organize a reunion.

And it even boils down to technology as a whole. I miss the days of film photography. I loved dropping off a couple rolls of film at K-Mart, waiting a day or two and picking up seven bucks worth of prints where one or two were actually worth printing. Even better was the judgmental looks from the pepperoni-faced punk at the photo counter. I only learned why I was glared at after opening the envelope to see that a friend had snuck off with my camera and snapped a few cock shots and pics of other's bare asses.

Yeah, all of that internet stuff and technology is just a fad. I'm sure that by next year we'll be back to mailing everything at the post office and maybe even carving notes in to stone tablets.

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