Thursday, August 27, 2009

I have succumbed to Twitter

If you haven't noticed, I've officially joined Twitter. Sure, I've been a member of the Twitter community with a work-related project (light marketing stuff) for most of this year and used it previously for another (but ill-fated) work project so I'm not a noob by any means. But regardless of my non-newbie status, I mulled this decision over for quite some time. Would I have anything worthwhile to say? Will I get the all-important followers? (Hey, it's all about my image) My gut is turning and I feel nauseous. Well, maybe that's because I ate some pizza I found wedged between the stove and the cabinets.

The deal with Twitter is that I can more readily drop my random bits of wisdom on the general population, easily converse with others and hopefully push a few more readers to this blog (which is sorely lacking in readers, tell a friend about it, PLEASE).

Outside of that, I'm not changing anything. If anything, me using Twitter gives everyone even more of a glimpse into who I really am, what my interests are and what makes me tick. And it is true, I'm a big fan of pies.

I'm also a big fan of photos and MinnPics is my outlet for that interest. Check it out and appreciate the cool Minnesota photos captured and showcased. And feel free to inquire about my burgeoning wedding photography services...


choochoo said...

lol. I've actually thought about twittering now and then. Thing is, on my blog, I can pretend that I'm interesting. With twitter that would be challenging..

snowelf said...

Facebook and Twitter are part of the new blog world.
Call me old fashioned but I like the old blog world just fine.