Thursday, July 16, 2009

Turning over a new leaf

I'm back to running. Yep, I started running later last summer after I was shit-canned from my second job. It was a mixed blessing of sorts because it gave me back that time after my day job and came just as gas prices were starting to take a nosedive. On the other hand, it came just as my hours were cut at my day job (they have yet to come back).

Whatever the case, I realized that as I approached the ripe old age of 30, I needed to do something to improve myself. Maybe it's a part of my constant need to reinvent myself every so often. That's probably due, in part, to the fact that today's world moves so damn fast - I see the change all around me and find myself being bored. Not just with things around me but flat out bored with myself.

To combat that self-boredom, I became ultra-active in my after-work hours. I'd bring my running crap (shirt, shorts, shoes) with me to the office, change after my newly-shortened day and drive to a nearby park with a ton of trails that seemed custom designed for a nice run. Now there's no way in hell that I'd ever be ready to run in Grandma's Marathon but I began to see a change.

I felt healthier, looked better and while I didn't lose any weight (most would say that I don't need to lose any weight) I looked trimmer and leaner and generally more toned. I was impressed that this could happen with just three days a week and tackling what amounted to a mile or two each time.

Well, last night, after a few weeks of wondering what I could do to change myself again, I reverted back to running. The first excursion was delayed a bit after I dug for my iPod's set of at-home earbuds and my well-fitting running shoes. It didn't last long and as I walked up my driveway after the relatively short run I quickly realized that this isn't an option; I need to keep this up. I am so painfully out of shape (but hide it well) that I can't not do this.

I'll be spending the next few months working on my running again. Am I alone here? What do you do to reinvent or simply improve yourself?

And speaking of improvement, I'll be out this weekend taking a few photos that may or may turn up on MinnPics.


spleeness said...

What do I do to reinvent or improve myself? I exercise. It makes me feel better about myself and increases stamina. I need to get more regular about it again though. If you've seen a noticeable difference after 3 weeks, that's awesome. I'm inspired now to go workout.

Nikki said...

I just finished up week 8 of the Couch 2 5k program found here: I would recommend it for anyone who's starting out new & wants help building up endurance. Check it out if you're interested. There are podcasts on iPod that correspond to the weekly plan too. I think the podcast author's last name is Ullery.

Good Luck!

People in the Sun said...

I started running and recently made 5K, but only on the treadmill. I've started running outside on baby-is-away days, and I don't know what it is, but I haven't been able to go very far. Maybe my house is sinking, so when I'm on the treadmill I'm running downhill?

Anyway, there's always the 101 in 1001. (that's one place. There's much more if you just Google it).