Thursday, July 23, 2009

Skinny-dipping record set right here in Minnesota

Skinny-dipping record set right here in Minnesota

I wouldn't say that I have a fascination with nudist camps but maybe it could be described as a curiosity. That's why this story about the world record for skinny-dipping, set with help from a camp in East Bethel, Minnesota, caught my eye. No, it wasn't the small and non-descript photo showing 222 naked midwesterners bobbing in a pool but the accompanying story that piqued my interest.

I've always been curious about nudists - I remember my mom mentiong at least once the phrase "nudist colony" (I figured it to be a bunch of naked Amish folks). It's not that I'd like to peek through the bushes and watch naked folks (women) stroll around all day because the fact is that most of the people who live the nudist lifestyle would be best seen clothed. I'm more curious about the day to day happenings at a nudist camp.

Think about the cooking siutation at Avatan Nudist Camp. Would just an apron afford enough protection as you stand in front of the stove with hot grease popping out of a frying pan? I'm thinking that in the groinal region, a grease spatter would truly hurt. So, unlike the CityPages writer who shelved his stupid questions about nudism, I put my stupid questions right out there for all the world to see (much like my naked strolls out to the mailbox).

Where do nudist camp-goers keep their keys? What about that special time of the month for the ladies? How is that handled at Avatan or other nudist camps? I understand the politeness of carrying a towel at all times to sit on but, and here comes my trappings as a mildly prudish Minnesotan, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. For instance, does anyone really want to see a naked person straining to open a over-tightened jar of pickles? I didn't think so. Do you really want to see one of your fellow nude campers do a deep bend at the waist to pick up a dropped item? That could be a hairy situation.

But hey, the nudists who hang out (literally) at the East Bethel camp are doing what they enjoy - they just happen to be naked so kudos to them for being comfortable enough with themselves to stroll around naked with 200 of their closest naked friends. I actually envy them because I'm the guy who's been shamed into putting his shirt back on.

Nudity hasn't been featured on MinnPics but that doesn't mean you shouldn't check out the killer photos featured every damn day!


snowelf said...

Sornie, I have wondered those same things!! I think we should have a quest where we seek out a nudist blogger and impale them with our questions. I think they could wear their keys around their neck, I guess. But maybe they don't need to lock up anything? Maybe people who are naked together don't try and steal each other's stuff...
What an enigma.


Sarah said...

HAHAHA, great questions! I have no answers myself. Reminds me of "Naked" by David Sedaris. He lived in a nudist colony for a bit, maybe the book will answer your questions. ;)

Maybe being naked all the time your skin get callused? Like walking around barefoot on a regular basis, you eventually don't feel the jagged rocks cutting into your flesh. Maybe after enough frying grease singes your flesh from cooking bacon, you eventually don't feel it anymore?

I hope someone with all of the answers stops by and gives us some insight. ;)

Anonymous said...

Most nudists have a mantra: Nude where possible, clothed where appropriate. Cooking on a stove top is an occasion begging appropriateness.

Your other questions are not at all stupid, and I'm sure any naturist (a preferred term that lacks the stigma associated with the word nude) would be happy to oblige with answers. Basically, nakedness does not preclude a small bag for a towel, sunscreen, keys, and a summer novel when taking a trip to a beach. And it's polite to carry a personal towel for use with furniture encountered at resorts, etc. Finally, some women will opt for a bikini bottom during their period, if they choose to come out at all.

From showering and dressing for work in the morning, to the occasional skinny dipper, to record breaking resort organizers we're all naked sometimes.