Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The origin of the word "nipple"

Nipple. Like many words in the English language, it has its origins in a language foreign to our own. Nipple has its origins in the ancient Gaelic language and means hard or sharp protrusion.

If the true meaning of nipple were used in a sentence, it would read as follows: I popped a tire because I ran over a nipple on the highway.

Most Americans would read that and think that a very cold woman was laying naked on the highway and the person speaking that sentence had indeed committed manslaughter. Most Americans, though, would be wrong solely due to the education system failing them on an epic level. I do think that the popular misconception of "most Americans" defining the word "nipple" as pertaining to anatomy has some basis in the word's true definition and heritage. Just the other day I saw a woman wearing a tank top whose nipples could have actually popped tires.

Now that I have the origin or nipples out of the way, check out MinnPics and it barrels through its First Birthday celebration all week long. Plenty of amazing photos predating the existence of MinnPics so go now!


Hammer said...

It's also where you put the percussion cap in order to fire a black powder pistol or rifle.

snowelf said...

Good to know.


p.s. your daughter is ridiculously adorable.