Friday, July 24, 2009

Minnesota Twins interested in my HS classmate?

According to Twins writer, LaVelle E. Neal, III, the Minnesota Twins may be interested in trading for Oakland A's reliever Michael Wuertz (whom the Star-Tribune referred to as Chris in the lede). After his time with the Iowa Cubs and then the Chicago Cubs waaaay back when I was still living in Austin, I had lost track of the pitcher who graduated with me in the late 90s from Austin High School. I sort of figured that he had slipped back into the minor leagues and was sort of there to stay. It's how I assume things happen with people associated with Austin.

I think it's pretty cool that a kid that I don't really remember making a name for himself in high school (maybe he was as low key in sports as he was in school) could be headed for the home team right here in his home state. A truly nice guy pulling down just over a million dollars per year would be a nice compliment to a team who pride themselves on grooming players from within the state and would pair well with the face of the team and fellow Minnesotan, Joe Mauer.

Maybe I can even unearth the "Wuertz Watch" series of graphics I designed in 2001 for the Austin newspaper and prove just how damn legit this whole thing is - if I can find that particular stack of CDs.

And if you want to put a face to the name, maybe I can dig up a fan photo of Wuertz for MinnPics.

FOUND IT:Wow. My work circa 2002 borders on something I'd rather not claim as my own. Ouch.

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Beth said...

that's really cool....and a million $$$$ aint nothin to sneeze at...