Wednesday, July 01, 2009

An important announcement

From here on, Fridays will be known as Pants-Free Fridays. Yep, it's pretty much self-explanatory and if you need an explanation you'll probably never enjoy Pants-Free Friday. This was inspired by seeing this link mentioned in a tweet this morning about a clothing optional farm in Wisconsin. Be careful when bailing hay, it's scratchy enough on the arms, imagine it on the... crotchal region. Ouch.

One more thing: the long weekend is officially a Socks-Free Weekend. Yep, my socks come off the minute I leave work Thursday and I vow to not put socks back on my feet until Monday morning. What are some of your long weekend plans?

Mine involve both of the above mentioned items as well as snapping a few photos for MinnPics.

1 comment:

Jules said...

Should have a rather nice dream about naked men bailing hay tonight now. Thank you, Sornie. Always lookin' out for me! You da man!!