Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hooray! The recession is over!

Well, if I read it on Slate, it has to be true. Or dripping with sarcasm. Which is exactly how I like things to be.

If this recession, which at times still has me scurrying for a box to pack up everything on and in my desk, is over does that mean that I will someday get back to working 40 hours each week for fifty-two weeks each and every year? Will the jobs produced with this magical recovery have benefits associated with them or will they be service-type jobs as the Home Depots of the world again needlessly expand into ridiculously small markets that even under the best of conditions would be unable to support them?

Or will the rich white guys whose pockets are never pilfered during a downturn wise up and bring jobs back from overseas? Has our love-hate relationship with cheap-costing but shittily-made Chines crap come to an end? Will we finally realize that you do get what you pay for? Will Americans realize that you don't need to have one of everything? Or would such a realization hold us back from a consumer-driven recovery?

Hell, I don't know crap about the economy but I will say that this downturn has produced some up-and-coming candidates for Dumpy Strip Malls right here in the south metro of the Twin Cities. Who could have imagined that a coffee shop every six blocks was unnecessary? Who could have ever guessed that the world didn't demand six auto parts stores all along a two mile stretch of highway? And dammit if I didn't see a surplus of beads coming. After all, beads make the world go round and if we can't have a bead store in every strip mall, the terrorists will surely win.

MinnPics is alot like the Energizer bunny,it keeps going regardless of what shape the economy is in because art of all formats makes the world a better place.