Friday, July 10, 2009

Divorcing a generation

If you're up for some reading today...

Dear Old People Who Run the World,

My generation would like to break up with you.

Read the rest of it here and see if any part of the "Generation M Manifesto" matches up with your way of thinking. I spotted one contradiction of sorts but, for the most part, it does seem to describe the way my generation (late Gen X - early Gen Y) views the world. Plenty of us have accepted the fact that we will be the first generation to not "do better" than our parents. We don't feel stuck but we are pessimistic at best because of this vast generational divide.

Our parents were the "big business is good" folks and we are the technology generation who are fast, nimble and flexible in our ways of working. Looking back ten years, I never could have imagined that my job would be where it is now. A world of interactivity and instant feedback seemed only a dream in 1999 but here it is and if you don't grasp it and become familiar with it, you'll be left behind in a cloud of dust.

I'm curious about you thought on the manifesto. Do you agree with it or totally disagree? Are there gaping faults with it?

And if you're so done with the written word, I suggest checking out the final day of the First Birthday Celebration at MinnPics. Dozens of photos made the cut and you should check them out because these are truly the cream of the crop in the days predating the existence of MinnPics..

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