Friday, July 17, 2009

Distracted driving: dangerous or not?

There is an epidemic in this country. People do alot of stupid crap while driving. This list is dangerous things to eat while driving.

Hot soup
Chili dogs
Ribs and wings
Fried chicken
Jelly donuts

Out of that list, I've taken part in consuming tacos, hamburgers, fried chicken, jelly donuts, soda and chocolate while driving. I'm preplexed about why anyone would ever eat ribs and wings while driving. Coffee is fairly common but chili dogs are straight up messy and pose the risk of spilling the chili or dog in your lap. And eating some hot soup could be tragic if it was in a bowl but less tragic if it were in a cup.

Outside of eating/drinking while driving, there are other activities that I've done while driving that I probably shouldn't have done that could have caused some serious bodily harm to myself or others.

Changing my shirt on the freeway
Taking off jeans and putting on shorts
Changing my shoes
Endorsing checks
Getting to know a lady better (draw your own conclusion)
Undressing a passenger
Munching down some Arby's chicken fingers complete with BBQ sauce
Cleaning the inside of my windshield
Tucking in my shirt

I'm sure there are others but I'm curious what you worst moments were while driving. Have you ever started knitting a sweater or trimmed up your private bits?

MinnPics is a great habit. Althought I wouldn't check it out on your iPhone while driving.


H said...

I have a friend who eats cereal while driving. Out of a bowl. With a spoon. True story.

Sornie said...

Hopefully not from an in-car microwave.

spleeness said...

I confess to the mundane mascara-applying while driving and the also aforementioned cereal-eating. But generally I don't do any of these things, I don't even talk on the phone on a headset because I don't like the way it distracts me.